Finals Week

Destiny Jurado, Reporter

 The most stressful two weeks of the semester have approached so fast, students and staff have been preparing for their finals and studying very hard, that way once finals are done and over with, we can go home to our families and celebrate the holidays and have two school-free week’s off. 


  Most upperclassmen have done this before, and have put in nothing but their best. Some students have trouble studying and keeping that information fresh in their brain. With that being said, some of the upperclassmen might have tips and tricks for some of the underclassmen to help study better, and more efficiently. Soha Ali, sophomore says, “I usually go over every single thing and take small breaks because it’s always helpful to let your mind rest.  I usually keep my phone away because that’s my biggest distraction. I highlight every important thing and rewrite it and study that. Repetition is always a good way to remember things, especially since I have bad memory.”


  Finals can be very stressful when you have multiple AP classes or a full schedule, and many people have different ways of coping with their school stress. “I have met with teachers to retake tests and check up on my grades, going to Dutch Bros Coffee, taking Netflix breaks, and I do physical activity,” says Olivia Tate, senior. As Tate mentions, she goes to Dutch Bros, or a coffee shop by herself and she does physical activities like walking or dancing to cope with her stress. 


  Our student council has put together a spirit week for the week of finals to hopefully make it a little less stressful for both the students and teachers. This is a fun way to relieve stress off of the students shoulders and just allows them to relax, because it is fun to dress up and see what others dress up as.


   Good luck on finals everyone! Study hard and give yourselves time to relax. Just remember that after finals is a two week Christmas break!!