Senior Season

Senior Season

November 5, 2019

Let the Good Times Roll!

Asepn Essen, student life reporter

November 4, 2019

Dancing the night away, jamming out to music with friends and forgetting about all the stressful events going on is what homecoming week is supposed to be all about. On September 12th, 2019, Mountain View High School hosted a Mardi...

Bring on the School Spirit!

Soha Ali, Reporter

October 8, 2019

In typical high school movies, the school spirit is the thing that pops the most.  For Mountain View high school, it’s really starting to feel like a real-life movie.    School spirit is what catches people’s attent...

A Heated Debate on School Lunches

Brittyn Dowdell, Student Life Reporter

October 8, 2019

  Mountain View High School is built next to a great number of fast-food restaurants like Freddys, Inta Juice, Taco Bell and McDonald's. Teenage students reaching driving age only makes access to these places even easier. Th...

Going Behind The Scenes

Aspen Essen, student life reporter

October 8, 2019

  We never truly know what to expect with this school’s events-- they can vary from being themed around the 50’s all the way to Coachella and blacklights. But what goes into making things like homecoming and spirit week actu...

Pre-Game Hype

Destiny Jurado, Student Life Reporter

October 8, 2019

  The 2019-2020 Football season is here everyone! This Friday, Aug. 30th, 2019, our MVHS varsity team plays their very first game of the season against Discovery Canyon. Thursday the 29th, our freshman C team plays. Then Sat...

Corn Roast(ed)!

Corn Roast(ed)!

September 24, 2019

Student Life