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Thanks to The New Year

The few weeks in between Thanksgiving and Christmas break includes a finals week
that has some students anxious while a few are excited for the long break. Teacher’s at
Mountain View are always encouraging students to use these last few weeks to prepare
themselves for the big finals.

Anxious for finals? “Finals week always feels like a long and dreadful week, yet the days pass by quickly and it doesn’t make me feel as stressed as they all make it seem. I look forward to Christmas break,” said Ashia Hernandez, 12. Schedules are changed, and while students feel dreadful at the beginning of the week, student’s only have to hold themselves accountable for a few hours and before they know it, they are on break.

Finals between classes vary, while some may have it easier than others and not as
stressed, some may find this week the most dreadful time of the year. Grades are
finalized and the school year is halfway over. “It’s not that serious,” said Faith Shelton, 12. Motivation is always encouraged, especially during finals week. However, as long as students remain responsible and stable, it is quite hard to fail. Most teachers also offer a no hurt final resulting in fewer stressful nights.

Thanks to Christmas and the New Year, students are able to take a few weeks before
they return for the last few months of the school year. Finals does not mean it’s the end of the world. In fact, it appears the start of a new year rather than the end of the world.

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