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5 Boring Facts About Mountain View That Can Actually Be Useful

1. There is a shortcut to the auditorium! Just walk through the main doors of the big gym and out the other side. That puts you right in the hallway that goes into the auditorium. By doing this, you can cut down your walk time and get good seats in the auditorium.

2. If you haven’t already worked it out, the school is split into areas. Each is named after different Mountain Areas. It is good to figure out which area is which early on in your time at Mountain View so when teachers give you directions, you don’t make a fool of yourself asking “Which one is Mummy Range?”

3. The library has an area called the Makers Space. The Makers Space is a good place to unwind if you’re a crafty person. They have so many fun activities to do and some are opportunities you don’t typically have. Things like Perler Beads or button making.

4. Class selections for the coming years creep up on you. Often, you can be short on time and then not get the classes you want (Because it’s first come first serve.) To avoid this, ask upperclassmen about electives they took early in the year. So when sheets are handed out, you can get it done quickly.

5. The big areas between the classrooms are called FTLAs. That stands for Functional Transitional Learning Area. They are for whole classes to use when they need bigger spaces. It’s just good to know what they are called so you’re not confused when people bring them up.

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