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Caleb Escalle
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Jamie Wilson
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How to Have a Successful Semester After a Slow Summer

My all time favorite part about summer is the concept that you simply have nothing to do: no texts to read, no stories to write, no math problems to solve, no teacher to listen to– nothing. As school starts up again, this “nothing” quickly fades away into EVERYTHING. I’m talking all of a sudden you have three texts to read, a story to write, 15 math problems to solve, eight teachers to listen to, EVERYTHING, and everything is kind of a lot. To make this a little bit easier, I’ve put together five of my all-time, top-notch tips and tricks to help you get through the semester.

Prioritize Deadlines
Organize your assignments by their due dates (deadlines) from soonest to latest. The assignment that is due the soonest is the one you will want to work on first. Don’t work on an assignment that’s due far out, unless all your other ones are completed, turned in, and done to the best of your ability.
Talk to Teachers
Each teacher in our school wants whats best for us, so it is important to treat them with the same respect they give you. Without this respect, talking to teachers about extensions, extra credit, retakes, or other grade boosters is going to be unsuccessful. With proper respect, teachers are more understanding and willing to help you out so always talk to them when you need help.
Write it Out
This can be used for two different notions; learning and remembrance. Writing notes down when a teacher is giving a presentation is a great tool to be able to look back on when studying. Writing down due dates and assignments you need to do will help you stay on top of your work. It doesn’t need to be pretty and neat either, writing it in your phone works just the same.
When you need to study anything in high school, it’s a guarantee that Quizlet has flashcards on the topic. Quizlet is a really easy resource to use and has helped many people on various topics from the periodic table to apush terms. All you have to do is create an account and type in whatever topic you need to study for.
This one is a cliche and my favorite–don’t completely ignore your schoolwork but, don’t bury your head in schoolwork either. We all have a lot going on and remember that it’s okay to hangout with your friends, play a sport, or watch TV. Balance is essential to creating a good schedule and routine.

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Maddie Bellmar
Maddie Bellmar, Editor
Hi, my name is Maddie Bellmar, and I am a senior here at Mountain View. I have been in Newspaper for three years now and am currently the editor. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends, getting ice cream, watching sunsets, and making flower bouquets. I am also in student council and speech and debate!

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