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New Freshman, Jaya Hickey, Makes the Varsity Volleyball Team


Jaya Hickey was twelve years old when she first started playing volleyball, and it’s paying off now because her current positions, setter and right side hitter, are at the varsity level. Hickey is always trying to play the best ball possible and set her teammates up for success. “I have lots of really talented teammates,” said Hickey.
Hickey and her team’s first home game at Mountain View High School is against Loveland High School, our rivals, on Thursday, August 31st. “BE THERE!!” Hickey expressed that she’s always trying to follow the team’s captains, Hayley Lightfoot and Kaidyn Elmore’s example of keeping a positive mindset while in games and practices.
The biggest challenge as a team is trying to stay in the moment while learning about their mistakes, “because in the long run they don’t really matter,” said the all-star freshman. After making a mistake, she looks towards her coaches for feedback so she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. Before a game she likes to get as many setting repetitions in as she can before a match. Hickey believes, “what you do in the off-season will determine both your playing time and your team placement.”
Hickey’s biggest accomplishment is gaining the trust of her teammates and she’s proud that the team has really good connections overall. Hickey says, “I am super grateful for the team that I have.”

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    Joe RossAug 28, 2023 at 9:46 pm

    Great article! Looks like we might have a good season! Thanks