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Is Fashion Really Better Than Comfort?

Fashion is something that allows people to express themselves showing off their own individuality but it also has people wondering if being fashionable is really worth not being comfortable.

When you walk through Mountain View High School you see a large variety of fashion from grunge to minimalistic. However, recently there has been a spike in the amount of pajama pants and sweatpants you see when you enter the halls. Which isn’t a bad thing, it just fully shows what the students at MVHS prefer.

While to some people wearing pajama pants is considered lazy that’s not always the case. They can be worn just because someone wants to be comfortable or even because it is what they want to wear that day. Wearing comfortable clothes also doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to dress their outfit up by wearing nice shoes or even wearing a nice top.

When Jack Laugel, 12, was asked if his fashion choices were based on comfort, function, or fashion he said, “All three impact my choices but comfort impacts these decisions the least because I don’t wanna look crummy or unacceptable but I still wanna be comfortable.”

Heaven Boyett, 11, was asked the same question she said, “I like looking like a bum and having people guess whether or not I actually have money. I also like wearing $300 shoes to dress up the outfit I wear.”

These opinions help to show us just two out of the many reasons that people choose to wear what they wear. Let us know whether or not you prefer comfort over fashion in this week’s poll!

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